Members of MNPS activities

Summer course on Jamu

Summer course on Jamu, Universitas Gadja Mada, Yogyakarta, 17 Ogos 2018

Solpinar 2018

Solpinar 2018. A Workshop Series on the Laboratory Practices in Natural Products Research. UIA, Kuantan, 13 Ogos 2018

1st Manitoba Chemistry Symposium

Prof. Dato' Dr. Ibrahim Bin Jantan with Prof Rotimi Aluko, Editor Journal of Functional Food at the 1st Manitoba Chemistry Symposium, Univ of Winnipeg, Canada 4-5 May 2018.

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ICNP 2018

A total of 240 participants attended ICNP this year and apart from Malaysia, there were 32 participants joining in from abroad including India, Nigeria, Japan, France, Vietnam, Pakistan and Indonesia.

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